Promo Codes can be obtained:

  • from referrals

  • coupons issued by Digiduka

i. Coupon Codes

These are codes that are issued by Digiduka as a reward for particular actions by users.

ii. Referral Codes

These are codes that a referrer shares with friends(redeemer). Both the referrer and redeemer will be rewarded when the redeemer meets the criteria of the referral.


To have access to the referral code, you will have to:

- Perform transactions above a particular minimum stated in the Referral Section of the Digiduka app

- You would have to complete their KYC

Once the above actions are completed, you would be able to share this code.


Once you add the coupon, you will have to meet the criteria stated in Note section of the coupon.

When you meet this criteria, you and the referrer would both receive money in your Digiduka wallet which is available to spend immediately.

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